Many education experts have proven that children aged under 6 have the best ability to learn. Toddlers and children's mental and physical development are very critical to what they would be when they grow up.

Therefore, exercise and good living habits will help young children to live a better life. AGA's Super Junior Golf Training programs are conducted by experienced golf coach. Through multi-sensory stimulation, muscle and golf training, we wish your children would not just good in golf but also help improving their mental and physical development. Our training contents included but not limit to:

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• Physical Development: focusing on exercise of different body parts ot strengthen body muscles.

• Intellectual Development: training the ability of judgement through a variety of physical activities.

• Sensory Development: enhancing the abilities of observation and spatial sense of children via outdoor activities.

• Emotional Development: children can learn emotional expression by emphasis of rituals and emotional control.

• Social Development: cultivating good communication skill by group teaching.

• Language Development: professional terms are teached in English/ Putonghua during the lessons.