Facilities Description
Explanar... effective swing training system
The Explanar is a revolutionary development in golf instruction designed by Luther Blacklock. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body. It comprises of a hoop and a strut with calibrations to allow you to set the Explanar to your optimum swing plane. The Radial Stance Mat™ is integral and enables you to practice intentional draw and fade shots. The Plane Fin™ which is an essential reference point, will act as an indicator as to whether or not you are swinging on your optimum plane. The Power Roller™ trains/retrains and builds the golfing muscles creating a more dynamic and athletic swing.

The biggest Chipping and Putting green in the city!
More than 9000 sq.ft with bunkers and others world-class training facilities! What's more, its not flat, it's not boring, it's purely professional to have short game training with AGA!

Slope Practice Platform
Slope Practice Platform simulates many different angle slope shot. (Uphill, Downhill, Right side downhill/uphill, Left side downhill/uphill).

AGA provides professional sands. Students can experience the different ways of striking here.

Short Bay
AGA provides 15 short bays for students to practice pitching.

Long Bay
AGA provides 30 long bays for students to practice.