Andrew Cartledge

Andrew is the chief instructor and one of the founders of the Australian Golf Academy. He is also the chief instructor of the AGTF and a Australia PGA member. Andrew has spent many years on training golf teaching professionals and been awarded as the " World Top 60 Teachers" by the WGTF in 2006 to recognize his outstanding teaching quality in the golf industry. His experiences in teaching all level of golfers as well as using teachnology to help students understand the motions that needed to execute different type of golf shots would definitely benefit the Hong Kong Golfers.

Lilian Lee
Lilian is an AGTF certified teaching professional and K-vest qualified trainer. She has studied many different golf teaching methods in England and Australia over her career. Her knowledge in understanding the limitations between genders, or with different physical abilities, allow her to provide high quality golf lessons to both adults and juniors. Lilian was also the very first junior golf column writer for the Hong Kong Metro Daily. In 2009, she published the very first Chinese golf book, called " Happy golfing manual " for children and teens in China. Lilian has also been nominated as one of the " World Top 100 golf coaches" by WGTF.
Damian Suen
Damian was born in Australia and is an AGTF certified teaching professional, as well as a course director of the Junior Training Program in Hong Kong. He has worked in the Australian golf industry for many years and has been an AGA senior golf instructor since 2007. His knowledge and passion for golf have made him be one of the most popular coaches amongst all the Hong Kong golfers.
Derek Cheung
Derek was a PGA of Canada Professional from 2005 to 2013 and currently a HKPGA Professional full member. Competing on the Asian Development and China PGA Tours coupled with his wealth of teaching experience in Canada, China and Hong Kong, Derek is fast chosen as one of the key Staff Professionals sponsored by TaylorMade- Adidas Golf. Derek's international experience in the golf industry along with his comprehensive knowledge of the golf swing would definitely allow him to give clearest explanation to all levels of golfers.
Denise Walker
Denise is a USPGA nd TPI certifiied teaching professional and she has 15 years teaching experience at both high end resorts, private clubs and golf academics in Europe, USA & Asia. Having represented Ireland at International level and received a golf Scholarship to Stirling University in Scotland, she understands what is required in both the physical, mental and technical side of the game in becoming an all around golf player. She has a tremendous passion for helping her students improve their game through private coaching and group instruction and welcomes both juniors and adults to take part.
Jack Wong
Jack is an AGTF & CGTF ( Canadian Golf Teachers Federation) members and he has been trained overseas for many years. He is a patient teacher and his passion and knowledge in golf made him become one of the most popular coaches in our academy.
Amos Lau
Amos Lau, is a USPGTA certified teaching professional and a member of SPGA. His 15 years of experience in golf instruction allows him to provide comprehensive training that can suit the need of all kinds of students. He is highly respected senior in the golf industry, and has nourished the talent of countless students.
Aaron SY
Aaron is one of the rising coaches in Hong Kong. He is currently a HKPGA certified instructor and has been a HKGA team member for years. His rich experience in golf technology and tournaments will certainily provide solid insights to students from all levels.
Ben Suen
Ben Suen, the first AGA's golf team's captain, has been playing golf since he was 11 years old. In 2015, AGA granted him a scholarship to Australia for the AGTF Golf Teacher Training and he had successfully certified as AGTF Golf Teaching Professional. With his enthusiasm and passion in golf, we believe Ben could be one of the star golf Coach in the future.