Program Objective: We are not just golfers, we are happy golfers!

Through the programs, our aim is not only teaching kids the golf skills and knowledge, but developing their proprieties and the sense of sportsmanship in games and proper training. In the meanwhile, we strives for training elite golfers for the future golf industry.

Program Features:

  • This program is ratified by the Australian Golf Teachers Federation (AGTF). For those who obtained certification in certain levels would have an opportunity to be a future popular golf instructor.
  • Students acquire the advanced golf skills and high interaction with foreign instructors in English as well.
  • Students would be given a "Logbook"; which offer parents a full understanding of their kids' learning progress.
  • AGA offer different age and skill level groups in order to ensure students learn effectively with other students having same age group and level.
  • High-tech teaching applications including computer swing analysis are adopted.
  • On-course training is provided every month. For details, please visit our <<on-course training>>